Releasing Gurmukhi Panjabi Keyboard for iOS

Written by Arvinder Singh / February 04, 2015 / 1 min read / Filed under Ios

Pippal Labs is proud to announce its first iOS app - Gurmukhi Punjabi Keyboard.

There is a wealth and beauty in Punjabi language, a language spoken by 88 million strong across this globe. Guru Nanak’s gurbani, Amrita Pritam’s poetry, Kalaam of Sultan Bahu, or Vaaran of Rajjab Ali, there is an ocean of gems of Punjabi text to type and share with friends.

We have built this app to enable Gurmukhi Punjabi on iOS devices - something which Apple missed to add in its release of the iOS 8. Use of Punjabi is on the rise with the increase in mobile devices, however many a times the gist of ideas in one language gets lost when translated/transliterated into another.

We want to enable the scripts - Gurmukhi to start with and Shahmukhi eventually, to be used by Punjabis communicating across the web. This app is our first humble attempt. If we continue to see the excitement as we have seen in past two days, this is the first of many products in the Punjabi language domain that we have in mind.

We are excited to bring this first of the many products in the service of Punjabi community. Please join us in sharing this celebration with others who heart this beauty, the language of five rivers - Punjabi.