We provide full stack software development solutions.

Project Ideation

Have a great idea but don’t know where to start? We can help you from the very beginning of your project in bringing your idea to life. With more than 15 years of experience in programming, system architecture, design and technical mentoring we can help you identify and plan what would it take for your idea to become the next big thing.

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Technical Architecture

Unlike many firm who work with a specific technology, we choose the tools that best serve your idea. Over the years we have built projects in a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Be it a website, a web app or an iPhone or Android Application, we use the right tools and Agile methodologies. Trying to fit round pegs in a square hole is usually a bad idea!

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Design & Branding

We believe that aesthetically designed technologies are used more often than the complex ones. We believe the power of functionality as well as that of the look & feel. Therefore our User Interfaces aspire to strike a balance between classic and modern, minimalist yet cheerful, aesthetic yet functional. And we believe having an eye for good typography is a real super power!

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Application Development

Over the years we have built applications in Perl, PHP, Python & Java. But in the last half decade, we have been using Ruby on Rails / JavaScript / Node to build our web apps and iOS/Android SDKs for phone apps. We drink Elixir only once in a while!

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Localization and Internationalization

The world is a village however it does not speak or should speak one language. With over a decade of experience in running Open Source l10n and i18n groups, we can help you translate your application in the lingo of your audience while making your its compatibility while most widely used Unicode standards. Guess who contributed to Linux, Firefox, Ruby on Rails in Panjabi - these guys!

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Marketing strategy and social media

The marketing strategy for brand awareness is contantly changing in this digital world. We develop a social and traditional media strategy tailored for your brand and audience. Work with us when you fell a tree in the forest, it does make a sound that is heard far and beyond!

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Our values

We have principles to do things

Work with passion

We carefull choose people we work with and projects we work on. We love to create mostly meaningful projects with the limited time we have on this planet.

High Quality Work

We pride ourself with the thought that goes into minutest detail of your project - from technology, to UI design, to the content language.

Giving back

We dedicate 10% of our time to work on discounted projects for non-profits, small businesses, activism

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