Imaging ppc iMacs using Deploy Studio

Written by Arvinder Singh / December 07, 2009 / 1 min read / Filed under Server / Deployment, / Macs

For imaging(reinstalling/updating) more than fifty ppc iMacs and G5 Mac Towers in less than a day, I started using Deploy Studio instead of NetRestore.

However on booting a client from the NetBoot server, i got the following sign on ppc client machine


After reading some notes on NetBoot here, I found this reason:

The mach.macos.mkext file is a kernel extensions cache – a file containing all the important kernel extensions for basic network booting. Its fairly uncommon to run into problems in this stage of the Netboot process, however, there are a couple specific issues that can cause kernel panics at this point. Possible problems would be:

Not having a mach.macosx and mach.macosx.mkext file in your Netboot set

And when checked mach.macosx.mkext was actually missing from the nbi’s dmg file. So I generated one using following code

kextcache -a ppc -m /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/DeployStudioRuntime-091207-145110.nbi/ppc/mach.macosx.mkext -N -L /Volumes/DeployStudioRuntime/System/Library/Extensions/

And my netboot imaging operation was back in business. Ahhh… Freshly minted macs by the time we walk in tomorrow morning.